Our first collection is inspired by the Chakana

The Chakana is a thousand years old symbol which originated in the Central Andes even before the Inca Empire, it was already present in the Pre-Inca culture.

“Chakana” word comes from the Quechua language, the language of the Incas, and literally means “a bridge to heaven”. Another belief is that it comes from the words “Tawa Chakana”, that means “four stairs” representing a connection between the light and the darkness of the worlds.

Beyond the literal meanings, “Chakana” is duality, it is the link of the earthly world with the otherworldly, but also the Earth with the Sun, the man with God. Each corner consists of three steps representing the three worlds of the Incan world: the upper world of the Gods, the middle world of humans and the underworld. At the heart of the chakana symbol is a circular hole to represent the unknown, the unimaginable, the infinite circle of life and the navel of the Inca world, Cusco. 

We had to start from here.

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