Luxalpaca world

Luxalpaca was born with the objective to spread a millenary textile culture, rich with history and human values, that finds its origins in Peru, center of the Inca Empire. 

Enhanced by the Italian Design, you will experience a new concept of fashion based on the sustainability of the Alpaca fiber and its amazing benefits.

Discover the Luxalpaca world with us.

About us

chi siamo

Roberto & Donatella

Founder of Luxalpaca a project born in 2019 during a trip to Peru.

Our values


We promote the slow fashion, by producing high-quality garments, that can last a lifetime, made by high durable natural material.


We want to spread around the world the Peruvian textile tradition and the Italian design, while contributing to the growth of both countries’ economy.


People are centric in the entire production process. We want to contribute to the growth of the local Peruvian economy.


Alpacas are the greenest animals on the planet. We use only alpaca fiber from Peruvian alpacas that live in their original habitat. Here the land that is not suitable for agriculture. They have a vegetarian diet, eating what is spontaneous growing.


Each garment is designed and made in an authentic and original way, in line with a production as artisanal as possible. The production is entirely outlined with the community of artisans, who recommend the most appropriate, natural and “seasonal” colors, depending on availability.


Ours is an entirely sustainable fabric, our wool comes totally from Peru, from alpacas that live according to their natural rhythms. The labels are made 100% of recycled materials (satin or tyvek) and the packaging is made 100% of recyclable ecological cardboard.

la nostra comunità

URPI Textile center, Chinchero (Cusco).

They produce handmade Alpaca products

In this video, Walter, the owner, describes us the activity of the center:

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