Are you interested in reselling Luxalpaca products?

Do you have a clothings or accessories store and you want to sell Luxalpaca products? Please follow one of the two options:

1. Send an email to e will be contacted soon.

2. Purchase direcly from a wholesale online, Faire. Subscription is totally free and with below link you will have 50% discount on your first order and one year of free shipping.  

Or are you interested in selling alpaca clothes exclusively product for you?

Do you want to commission us the production of alpaca clothing or accessories? Yes, we do it. How it works?

1. We review together your designs (you have to provide it)

2. Luxalpaca then review the same with our artisans, to verify feasibility, time and production costs 

3. If you accept conditions, then we sign the agreement.

If you are interested in this type of collaboration, please send an email to e will be back soon. 

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